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Nothing magic, it's science. In the lead acid battery world, since from a long decade no major changes had been seen and to backing up for power outage to our valuable households, we now a days have solutions like inverters & UPS. But behind all the power providing solutions batteries play major role and cost of battery is approx. 75% of total investment hence forth.

So the question arise here is while we are paying this much of amount for batteries, did we get the total benefit out of it ? And the answer is NO.

In this complecated scenario of battery chemistry, each of its user know a total of 10% about its integrity and hence due to less knowledge they extract approximately 60% of their investment (i.e. an approx 45~50% of battery investment). If you are interested in getting your maximum investment back, believe us we can make this possible for you. As we say "Nothing Magic" it's all about Science. We reverse the process of chemical reaction and remove garbage deposited in the charge carrying path of your battery and while your battery get room for holding charge it works for you more efficiently and gain age of service.

Please visit our service pages for info on this. Services involve with us are AMC, Disulphation, House Wiring, Sales & Services of Battery.As if the medical science, if we eat healthy, the probability of diseases are less… Same applied to your battery as well..if caring are perfect, probability of revival will be good. Please visit our customer satisfaction page for more info.

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